The Art of Nasty I used to be a regular on Obesity Helps Ontario forum. Used to be. I got so SICK and Tired of the bullying and whining. Enough already! Up on your high horse, "I am a veteran and you peons are all such losers!" Admittedly, I was headeddown that path as a NOVICE (OK, I have alot of balls), feeling very superior as I was doing so well, and all you sooky-babies were doing it all WRONG! Can you believe the GALL? But one thing about being 45, by this time you have learned to listen. My friends Toni and Lynnda ever so gently and delicately, WITHOUT pointing any fingers, showed me the error of my ways, and I chose to step off the path of righteous indignation I was on. It really is all about the choices people. But some people are like mushrooms in manure, the more they can make people feel like ka-ka, the better they like it. Keeping people down, or trying to get them to all march (aka goosestep) in the same direction to the same drum...I thought there was a stinkin big war fought over that? I am honestly trying to understand why we all have to be the same? Just because I don't AGREE with you, doesn't mean I waste my time trying to make you conform. AND, those of you who don't know me...I am a big, brash, loud, opinionated woman with a backbone! Makes alot of people very uncomfortable, and I am OK with that. BUT, there are all kinds of people that LIKE the way I am. Maybe I make them wince on occasion (LOL), but just maybe I say the things they think, but would never say out loud. I also READ alot of blogs, but you know what, if...
May the Fourth be with you! I am sitting here, alone, on my computer instead of doing...I dunno...ANYTHING else. I have never been a good housekeeper, and I used my size as a good as reason as any. Well, I no longer have that excuse! So what's up? My true colours, that's what's up! I need to wash dishes, do laundry, fold and put it away, start something for supper, mop my floors, wash down my appliances (muddy dogs) and THEN there's the spring stuff. Washing windows, flipping mattresses, raking lawns, ad nauseum! I don't feel compelled to do ANY of it! All I wanna do is sit on my arse. Motivation please! I DO want to go for a bike ride, but my tire is flat and needs to be replaced. I WOULD like to go shopping, but no moola! I WOULD like to go get a decent haircut or my nails done, but...well you get the picture. Now that I don't have my weight as an excuse my real nature is becoming obvious! I am a lazy bum who would like to only do things to pamper herself. UGH! Am I really that person? Part of the problem with my housekeeping phobia is that I long ago lost my "house pride". We have been poor so long...and I mean real poor not " I am so broke but am going to Cancun cause I need a break" poor, that I have been surrounded by hand me downs and patched together things that seem to never get repaired. I lost my house pride. It was causing my anxiety seeing all the things that needed to be done, but never were, so I stopped. So now the only time I put effort in is if I know someone is coming. And living in a new place...

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