Wine and weight loss surgery As I sit here typing, I am , definately tiddled. I have never been a big drinker, (well, apart from my teens and early 20's, but who wasn't) but I must admit that post surgery drinking does make things "interesting"! I am 5-6 sips into half a glass of wine and I feel like I drank the whole bottle. Not unpleasant, just interesting. I was a good girl and didn't start drinking again til 6 months post surgery; I understood the concept of letting a damaged liver repair itself, and like I said, not a big drinker besides. But, a couple of times a MONTH I do imbibe. And my friends all laugh at me...drunk-sober-drunk-sober within the span of an hour or so. What I don't understand is what I can and cannot drink. I am a "dumper", so I avoid things made with or from sugar, so no liqueurs, (bye bye baileys), no tequila, no rum. I son't like rye, but I have discovered I don't dump from wine or vodka, and I am not sure why that is. Even is I have a ceasar or two,( a great Canadian concoction that you Americans are definately missing out on!), I have no issues other than peeing! And I don't end up with hangovers either! I tried to explain to my friends that since I basically have no stomach or stomach juices left, it's like I get "injected" with the alcohol. It goes straight into my system. THey don't really care, they just think it's funny, but they also don't push it. So here I sit with Dave, watching a movie, he is all showered and shaved, and hands me a glass of wine. I think he is up to something...he'd better hurry!

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