Once again with FEELING! Open EARS, SHUT MOUTH! Whoa! It's been almost a month since I wrote in! Sorry folks! Life intervenes! Anyway, I wanted to talk about a few things. I was on Diva Taunia's radio show last night as a caller in, responding to one of her guests. This guy, TIm Carde , a photographer, had seen the new billboards showing the availablity of WLS, just like any other advertisement for say, the new Toyota, or when Snooki was going to appear in the next Jersey Shore episode, but MAN, did he ever get his feathers ruffled about it! He was all high and mighty, what's the world coming to that you ADVERTISE WLS now? Well! My WORD! Oh, but he wasn't that pleasant about it, he was downright rude and a bully, shouting down Taunia, who was trying very hard to be a good host, and trouncing poor Beth Lipton, who called in ahead of me. His gist was, the WORLD doesn't need more weight loss surgery, people just need more self control. WELL, pardon my DUH!!!! In a perfect world he is RIGHT, but this isn't anywhere close to a perfect world. I was so glad when Taunia took my call, so I could be loud right over him! I told him my story, he was quiet, and I wondered why...he said he couldn't hear me. Funny, everyone else did. Perhaps he had no rebuttal for me, although he did tell me if I had eaten spinach my super obesity never would have happened. Good advice I am sure, but what should he eat to overcome his "confrontational" issues. Perhaps some humble pie, or maybe get his ears cleaned out and a few eyedrops so he coupld open his eyes better? I mean really, who did he think he was talking to? Does he...

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