Don't Let It Eat You! As I was scrolling around youtube I came across a new peep prepping for WLS. He posted about two women who work at his local coffee shop being outright rude to him, and how he was hurt by them, and tired of feeling invisible. I replied to him and told him about my experiences and told him about the similar blog I wrote a few weeks back, but it got me to thinking too. After years and years of being dissed, ignored and looked right through by the "normal" public, do people who have had the surgery feel resentment when they start getting SEEN? Especially if you are single, and those you have shown interest in when you were large were hurtful back toward you? I can really see how after you have lost the weight and those of the opposite gender start smiling and flirting, how maybe that could get right under your craw. But I will tell you what I told him..."I am not a super religious person, but Jesus said, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." I truly believe that most people don't realize that they are looking right through you, or that they may have been rude. I think that society today has no idea how to act appropriately to the obese. Maybe they are embarassed for us, maybe we make them damned uncomfortable, so rather then confront, they just ignore. We don't even show up on their radar at the end of the day, so why would we let it eat at us and make us bitter. They go to sleep at night and wake rested, but we toss and turn ans stew and spit at how we were treated. It is entirely unproductive and destructive. My advice is to keep...

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