Is it possible for me to get "Too Thin"? I got on the scales yesterday and it's beautiful voice rang out to me...two...hundred...and five pounds! Six measly pounds til I hit that magical zone we WLSers call ONEDERLAND! Holy Makeral! Still a long way from goal, but I haven't been under 200 in 20+ years! Whoop Whoop for me! I feel great, and look PDG!(Pretty Damn Good...LOL) I mean, I have huge issues with skin, but in my clothes (and out of them if you ask my other half) I am looking kinda hot if I do say so myself. Statistics say that for every 100 lbs you loose, you have between 10-12 lbs of excess "skin weight". So, that means I have 20+ lbs of yuck happening. I made the mistake of telling this to my Mother(God Bless Her) and she immediately looked worried and said, maybe you should think of stopping now, you don't want to get "too thin"! TOO THIN! I swaer to you, never in my life have those words been uttered in reference to me! Within the span of a few days, 4 other people said it to me. It's like they had a conference call! What in the world is my response to that? I mean, I think I am looking good, but I am still in a size 18 pants and a womans large top. In what world would that make me too thin? A size 18 is NOT a small woman? My goal weight is 170, so another 35lbs to go. Tehn, will I be "Too thin"? To tell you the truth I ahve no reference for size anymore, since sizing has changed so much since I was this small. What size clothing will I be in at that weight? Will I still have curves? AND....so WHAT if I am too...

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