Will I ever be Good Enough? I am 16 months post-op from RNY bariatric surgery, and down 250lbs from my highest weight. I feel awesome, I walk with my head up and shoulders back, I catch guys checking me out, and women smile at me and carry on conversations easily. A big change from 2 years ago. I think I look PDG actually, even though I am still 20 lbs away from goal. Well, let me rephrase, I think I look PDG DRESSED! Naked, is a whole other story. I am 45 years old and have spent at least 22 of them at least morbidly obese, then moving into the super obese category. I really don't think there is any way that my poor skin can bounce back after being stretched to capacity for so long. Up until about 30 lbs ago, the skin wasn't too bad, but since then, things have just gone to hell in a handbasket, made of my excess skin. On a forum I frequent, www.bariatrictv.com, the ladies were talking about breasts and how much they change. The WLS veterans on there said the boobs were the last to go. Some change at first, but then watch out! And let me tell you, they weren't wrong! The general consensus is that for every 100lbs you lose, you have between 10-12 lbs of excess skin accumulate, once you are "of a certain age". My nurse practitioner told me that she estimates about 30 lbs of excess skin on me now. So, technically, that would put me well nder goal. So, I called a plastic surgeon. I mean there is NO WAY I am going through all of this and feeling worse about my appearance than before. And I do; feel worse about my appearance than before. How twisted is THAT! Seriously! At 441...

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